Ch 21.5 p6

June 29th, 2015, 12:00 am

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H4RSHKN1GHT (Guest), June 29th, 2015, 6:24 am     Reply


H4RSHKN1GHT (Guest), July 1st, 2015, 1:42 pm     Reply

Whose Who?
From the bottom and counter clock-wise, who is that? I think she looks really cool.

pigtailedpenguin, July 6th, 2015, 8:09 pm     Reply

@H4RSHKN1GHT: Currently the name she has is "Sting," but I'm trying to come up with a better name. She's from the sunken realm of Atlantis and has gills and flies/swims. She also can create bioelectric blasts (electric eel/sting ray-like). Kind of an Aquaman/Namor type character

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