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Eavesdropping 101

Be small, be quiet, and use the bathroom before hand.
Thank you all for joining us again on this marvelous Monday morning. We really appreciate all of our readers and how much everyone has helped to spread the word about our little webcomic.
If you would like to go one step further in showing you appreciation we now have a donate button located at the bottom left of the page. It's just a small little button very easy to pass by and you can just look over it if you want to. However if you would like to donate a little to support the comic it would be greatly appreciated...but you don't have to.
Also if you would rather get something for your money instead of donating then head on over to our store the link is to the left or click here www.thebookofnosferatu.bigcartel.com we have a lot of art for sale and the pieces are on a first come first serve basis.
Thanks again for all of your support!!!

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